Video: Where’s our confidence found?

Do you keep having trouble with sin?  If you do, does this mean you aren’t saved? If you don’t – are you being honest with yourself?

This kind of thinking almost caused me to lose my faith in my early twenties, because the fact was I wasn’t having any consistent victory over sin. There is a fundamental problem with many answers on how to know you are saved that are based on self-assessment of how good we are doing: one may either believe themselves to be doing good enough (and thus fall into self-justification), or not good enough to claim to be a Christian (and thus fall into self-condemnation).

In a Master’s College/University video (here) which is our ‘foil’ for this video, we assess how they present some ultimately harmful ideas about where our confidence can be found – and then we briefly explain where our confidence really is, and how the fruits of righteousness are manifested in our lives. Sadly, the Master’s College video never once mentions the Holy Spirit’s work or our yielding to His presence as a basis for manifesting the fruit of the Spirit.

One person commented on the Master’s College original video, unfortunately saying,

“This is also the whole reason why I don’t identify as Christian but agnostic. But just so everyone knows, what I love about Jesus is that he had 2 rules… To love God and to love everyone else. Those rare the rules he help highest. Crazy how difficult it is for people to do those.”

Indeed – it’s impossible to truly have love for others in a deep, spiritual sense, except for if the Holy Spirit is creating that miracle in you.And that can only happen if we are really surrendering to Him in an amazing way. As I like to say, “there is no resurrection power without Gethsemane surrender.”  However, our lack of perfection in this matter is no reason to be ashamed of calling ourselves Christian – we serve a mighty Savior, but “we are but unprofitable servants” whom our Lord nonetheless takes pleasure in.

– Micah C.


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  1. I have been digesting this post for a few days. I really like your video and have been praying through some of my thoughts (or thoughtless -thoughts) about my Christianity.

    These ideas have come up in conversation with my kids and it has been very good. I realized that I would really like to see a post with these concepts written for kids – I know mine would love to read it and would benefit greatly in this season of their lives!


      • Hm…

        I had a long discussion about it with my daughter, having watched your video together. She didn’t really catch much from the video (although she thought the images were all pretty!) because of the big words, but at least it was a jumping-off point. She feels, as I have, pressure to “perform”, or to do the right things to get that coveted fruit- and then the sense that it’s too hard. The idea of allowing ourselves to simply be filled with the transforming and loving Spirit was a great topic for us to explore.

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  2. Yes! Yes, yes! We want to break the draining/burdensome ways of thinking for our kids NOW… And help them understand, as much as possible, the drawing-in God is doing, the wooing, the transforming power available to them.


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