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“Martha… there’s only one thing necessary.”

Almost everyone thinks of themselves as more Martha-ish. They say they need to Mary it up more often and just be in Jesus’ presence – but then they continue to hang on to the Martha behaviors of doing by trying to balance the two actions. “God’s part and my part” or “God-and” as AW Tozer calls it: “The evil habit of seeking ‘God-and’ effectively prevents us from finding God in full revelation…” …[250 more words]…

The End of the Great Depression

There was nothing more to said, nothing more to be heard, because even the words of the wise were vain and meaningless.
And then something happened that had never happened before… Here, finally, in the fullness of time, was something new, something that that was not vanity and a chasing after the wind… God does not do meaningless things.