Category: Spiritual War

Questioning Life: Answering Suffering (Part Two)

God-fearing people discover and share with others the most profound meaning of life in the same challenges that cause the godless to consider ending it all. Life is not viewed as a hedonistic playground of self-actualization, it is an opportunity to transcend mere individualism and move into the eternal purifying and enlivening fire of the love of Christ. It is only in union with Him that our present lives will be eternally meaningful. …[1520 more words]…

The Great Cynic Defeated (Job, Part 3)

Job wishes the pain to leave him, and he wishes his friends would leave him. But above and beyond all, he wishes for God to be near him. Because contrary to all his friends, and contrary to Satan, Job is no blasphemer. Job shouts at God louder and fiercer than any atheist… because he desires an answer.

“…of my servant Job?”

(Part 2)…When Satan insists that Job only loves God for the stuff God gives him, Satan says just as loudly and directly that God is not lovable. That is the heart of Satan’s attack: he aims to prove that God, in and of himself, cannot be loved. [ 750 more words ] …